Honor Code Rewrite + Town Hall

Reading the Honor Code can sometimes take hours and it’s extremely confusing, but the Honor Board has been working hard this semester to end this. On April 7th, we’ll be having a Town Hall meeting where we’ll be voting on the following proposed changes:
Honor Code ≠ Honor Board: Do elections procedures come to mind when we say Honor Code? Yep, I thought not. Well, we agree! This amendment removes sections 5, 7-8 from the Honor Code, since these sections deal with the Honor Board as an organization and are better suited in the student government bylaws. This amendment is contingent on the Student Government voting in these sections into the bylaws, so that the Honor Board doesn’t get stuck in a lawless limbo (no one would want that).The Honor Code now only includes our mission, the values, hearing procedures, appeals, and amendment procedures (and is now only 8 pages instead of 20!).
A Re-write: Where we try and make the procedures easier to understand. Featuring: a glossary section! All of the actual content of our procedures stays the same but they are now much easier to understand.
Appeals: This amendment takes what StAR and the Honor Board already follow as the Appeals procedure and actually puts it into the Honor Code. Instead of being buried in the depths of the student handbook, the appeals procedure can now easily be found in the Honor Code itself.
Title IX: This amendment removes the Honor Board’s involvement in Title IX cases. Title IX cases would not be filed directly through the Honor Board anymore, but rather through StAR and/or any relevant outside authorities. We propose this amendment because we do not feel we are sufficiently qualified to hear these cases. Additionally, the expectation from the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Education (the office that oversees Title IX) is that students not have a role in Title IX related cases. We understand that this revision could be very controversial and are happy to answer any questions.
Get ready to vote on all these things (and have mountains of snacks, because who are we kidding, no one comes to things if they don’t have snacks) and the next Town Hall Meeting on April 7th at 7pm (that’s in a week!). And here’s our preemptive apology for the number of all student emails that are going to come your way in the next couple of days. (#sorrynotsorry)

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