Try a Club, Find a Passion

Larger universities throughout the country have more clubs than Olin has students – UCLA clocks in at more than eight hundred clubs, while Harvard boasts about four hundred. Finding a way to test out all of those clubs would be a daunting task to any student.

Olin is different because you can try out nearly all of the clubs if you want to! (However, you would be crazy to be in them all.)

At the beginning of each academic year, the upperclassmen show off their favorite clubs during Club Fair, so that all students (new and returning) have the chance to see what each has to offer. It might remind you of Candidates’ Weekend, only this time the weather will be better and you can actually join the clubs. There are dozens of student clubs to see there, from long-standing clubs like Olin Fire Arts Club to new clubs like Dr. Who, which is barely two years old.

Olin has many types of clubs, ranging from the unconventional (Hooping Club) to the religious (Olin Christian Fellowship) to the hands-on (Human Powered Vehicles). We also have sports teams (soccer, ultimate frisbee) and dance clubs, cultural clubs and musical clubs.

So, what’s in it for you? Club Fair gives you a great chance to get involved in campus life. I encourage first years especially to sign up for every club that catches your eye – you might find a new passion, and you will certainly make new friends. Don’t worry about signing up for too many; most people did that in their first year and soon discovered which ones they were truly passionate about. More important is finding activities you like to do, with people whose company you enjoy.

The best part about clubs at Olin is that if you want to create a new club, you can. All you need to start a club, and apply for funding from Olin, are a couple of committed people who share your passion. But first, I encourage you to see if you can’t find a club or two that you would like to participate in at

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