I have watched human facsimiles
wither and fade with the passing of the hours Seen glittering neon how-do-you-do’s fade like news past its years and yellow like that great amorphous mist

Watched myself, the perpetual vinyl
turning, turning, turning to a stop
With all the click and clacks and scratches and screams of an honest and proper player

Felt the gurgling-churning of the yet-to-be and watched the horizon before itself floating over and past the glitzy Hasidics.

Known the weniger-mensch in its rise
and grasped the undertow as it did the same Contemplating freeform in a spiral of time Floating under and over and through, though never really breaking, and always truly bound

The last laugh sinew of vain and stupid pride in boorish imitation of greats now past the age of the pessimist in a glorious crescendo the deafening crash, still on the eves ready to astound the absent and the senseless, the audience that has long since abandoned.

Callous to the gasping breath
lost in their miracle-fatigue
praying for the Messiah standing abrupt
and a weep weep weeping, for some illusioned ceasing.

A Shaharazard tilted over the precipice
the mystery of old and new debased to a name with The Cave leading The Fire and the dumb leading the scholars through the stagnant schools of Cochytus

Forsaken by Minerva and deaf to the songs of Eros Those filled by envy extolled as virtuous, the throne of tolerance usurped by raving delusions of safety and incensed livers.

A schizophrenic synergy connecting love and fear a people paralyzed by crushing ignorance preferring that bliss over some admonishing to a self rightfully passed

Cleft between jaded cynics and fanatics of a false Xanadu Where grey is naive fancy and opinions are truth All this I have seen, and in short I was impressed.

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