Dr. Liu: April 2012

Doctor_LiuI sometimes worry that as I learn more about engineering, I become clumsier and worse at writing. Am I doomed to be awkward and inarticulate if I continue to pursue engineering?
Safe in the Bubble

Dear Bubble Boy,
I hate to say it, but it’s probably true that you’re getting worse at writing; I’m sure almost everyone at Olin has experienced the same sort of thing.

As a bioengineer, I actually find myself writing a host of technical papers, so becoming a bioengineer (or taking a Bio-E class) would be one way to practice writing (yes, yes, come to the dark side…we have cookies >:D )

But for the 100% of people who aren’t going to switch over to Bio-E, take heart: if your classes aren’t providing you with the opportunity to increase your literary prowess, it probably isn’t going to be that important for your actual profession. I bet companies like Microsoft and Google hire people based off of their coding or PM abilities, and not whether they happen to know the definitions of the words ablutomania, napellus, or galanty.
So basically: yeah, you’re doomed, but it’s OK. And hey, at least you still have some social skills, (right?) which is more than many engineers can brag about.

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Dear Dr. Liu
I fear that my boyfriend may be cheating on me with another girl. I thought My Little Pony was special to us but now he’s being my little pony friends with some other girl! I’ve asked him to stop multiple times but he says that bronies are forever. =(
What should I do?
Troubled in Ponyville

Dear Troubled,
I don’t think you have to worry about this. After all, if they’re watching My Little Pony, this other girl is clearly actually a dude. But have you considered if you have ever been so far even as decided to use go want to look more like?
[Editor’s note: um….what?]

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