Olin Library Uncovered


Did you know the library:

  • Has a new interim Director? Please stop by and say hello to Hope Tillman. She’s in Dee’s old office and we are really excited to have her with us!
  • Has a website with a catalog: library.olin.edu
  • Can get you any book or article in the world, through our Inter Library Loan service? It’s true, just ask us.
  • Loans out tools? Right now we have power drills and hammers, but our collection is growing. Stay tuned…
  • Has a materials samples collection? Use it to find information on sample composition, manufacturing process and applications. We have over 100 in stock.
  • Loves feedback? Please let us know your library thoughts.
  • Employs awesome student workers? Thanks Josh, Carly, Lyra, Emily and Liani for all your hard work!

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Clubs and Student Activities

“Why do you choose to participate in the clubs and student activities that you do?”

They’re fun. I learn a lot. They’re great for my resume.
Also, at this point, I’m a bit too invested in them to get out. – Anonymous

Olimprov spawned partially from selfish reasons. I have experience with miming, role play, voice impressions, etc. I was a bit famous for them when I was a kid. I lived my life according to predetermined conversations and predictable actions, and I could barely talk to people in person if I had not known them for years. Humor became a cover up for feeling socially awkward and nervous. But, in some ways, it was also a salvation. When I saw my friend doing improv, I knew it was something I wanted to and should do. And if you make a person’s day brighter with a joke or little bit of silliness, there is no better possible affirmation that you are doing something right. – Kai Austin

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