#BOW (Sponsored Content)

Hey there,
I am your BOW ambassador. As ambassador, it’s my job to host a few really awesome BOW (that’s Babson – Olin – Wellesley) events, as well as facilitate cross campus club collaboration (I’ve mastered saying that five times fast.) We had a club and sushi event in September, which some of you may have come to (and noticed how little sushi and how few shirts we had.) We want BOW to be awesome for everyone; we want BOW to be the thing people can’t stop talking about, we want people to have new ideas for cool BOW things every day. This relies on you.
As a member of BOW, you have the opportunity to make really cool things happen, and I will gladly help. We also have opportunities for you to get involved! We are working with the American Cancer Society to help set up a Relay for Life at Wellesley in the spring, and we are working with a Babson student who founded her own charity to host a really cool charity event (but this is top secret, unless you get involved with the planning.) There’s also a volunteer opportunity with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship – you and a team of BOW students could mentor and coach middle- and high-school students. And this is just the tip of the ice burg.
If you’d like to get involved with any of these volunteer opportunities (and you totally should), if your club is ready to get planning with BOW, or if you have the most amazing idea for a three-school event, let me know! The sky’s the limit, and anyone can be involved to whatever degree they desire. We also will be making more BOW $wagg, so you can be sure to get your own BOW shirt.
The school year has only just started – this year could be the year that BOW becomes a “thing.” The only way it will, though, is if you get involved. Happy BOWing!