REVO Updates

REVO will represent Olin College for the first time at Formula SAE Electric and Formula Hybrid in 2016. Formula SAE is a student engineering and racing competition. Teams design, build, and test a prototype based on a stringent rule set.
Formula Hybrid specifically emphasizes innovation and efficiency in a high-performance application and thus only hybrid and electric vehicles are sanctioned to compete.

Zero Motorcycles has generously donated two Z-Force brushless DC motors and Sevcon Gen 4 motor controllers. We plan to run each motor at 30 kW (100V/300A), for a power to weight ratio of 6.25 pounds per horsepower, just shy of a Ferrari 458!

Adit Dhanushkodi, John Sakamoto, and Lisa Hachmann are designing the battery pack, which contains 6.7 kWh of Nissan lithium battery modules. The pack must withstand a 40g deceleration crash while isolating the high voltage powering our vehicle. Two relays activate the powertrain after going through a rigorous series of system checks. Adit and John are senior mechanical engineering majors and Lisa is a sophomore electrical engineering major. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about the design.

We have partnered with General Motors engineers to advise the team. We meet with GM engineers regularly to discuss our designs and receive critical feedback. As alumni of Formula Hybrid, they also advise us on project management and execution.

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