The Olin Purity Test

The Purity Test is a voluntary opportunity for students to bond, and to track the maturation of their experiences throughout college.

Add one point for every item you have done. Your total number of points at the end is the % corrupted by Olin you are.

Caution: This is not intended to be a bucket list. Completion of all items on this test will likely result in becoming Olin Man.

1. Been a NINJA/CA

2. Watched a movie in the Nord

3. Hosted a Slack event

4. Asked for an extension

5. Tickled the gate

6. Played pool in the pool room

7. Been to midnight Dodgeball

8. Made a post it mural

9. Played spoon assassins

10. Drifted in lot D

11. Been to an SG meeting

12. Been on the roof

13. Sent an accidental all students

14. Taken clothes from freecycle

15. Broken your Olin laptop (+1 for taking it apart and then trying to get IT to get you a new one)

16. Gone to parcel B past midnight

17. Reached a first name basis with custodial/kitchen staff

18. Attended friendsgiving

19. Started a club

20. Done a personal project in the shop

21. Left your door unlocked/key in door for weeks or months

22. Celebrated Bill Warner day (+1 for organizing)

23. Celebrated California day/Florida day (+1 if it was you)

24. Attended a party

25. Played rage cage

26. Gone to Power Hour

27. Hosted a party

28. Attended 30 second videos

29. Make a 30 second video

30. Drank in the Nord

31. Used the Olin van

32. Had a one on one with PGP

33. Cross registered

34. Joined a research team

35. Met another Oliner outside of Massachusetts by chance (Lost the Olin Challenge)

36. Given a campus tour (official or unofficial) 

37. Attended dark roast

38. Performed at dark roast

39. Completed floor to four

40. Changed majors

41. Went to ACRONYM

42. Unlocked your mailbox less than 8 times

43. Dropped a class right before the deadline 

44. Broken something in the dining hall

45. Sold a SERV auction item

46. Played sardines in the MAC

47. Went to the dump

48. Used a soldering iron without fume succ

49. Pulled an all nighter

50. Had a fire in parcel B

51. Broke a shop tool

52. Participated in hosting candidates week/weekend

53. Parked in secret spot

54. Were part of a club that no longer exists

55. Had your AHS concentration rejected

56. Spun fire

57. Sent out a P&M survey

58. Lost your prox

59. Damaged your dorm drywall

60. Dinner in the dining hall as “team bonding”

61. Did 24-hour POE/PIE

62. Gone to a FWOP show (+1 if you were audience participated on) 

63. Gone a whole semester without writing a paper or taking a test

64. Used an Olin acronym around non-Oliners and forgotten to explain it

65. Checked out a non-book item from the library

66. Ridden a unicycle

67. Procrastinated on a passionate pursuit until the last minute

68. Dated an Oliner

69. With another Oliner ;)

70. Presented at Expo

71. Driven people for FlyOlinFly

72. Gone to free skate night at the Babson rink

73. Tried to open a door from the wrong side

74. Had a spontaneous conversation in the dining hall that lasted past closing

75. Did a co curricular 

76. Spent more than 5 consecutive hours at NINJA/CA hours

77. Posted flyers anywhere on campus

78. Taught a class 

79. Kept a “fish” in the dorms

80. Started your own business

81. Used the poster printer for personal use

82. Killed an arduino/microcontroller

83. Slept in a lounge

84. Performed in front of the student body (+1 for each different medium, e.g., FWOP + OCO + Story Slam + …)

85. Met a non-Oliner who already knew about Olin

86. Gotten a concussion while at Olin

87. Taken an LOA/studied abroad

88. Missed a final

89. Done a naked lap

90. Honor Boarded someone

91. Brought your own spices/sauces to the dining hall

92. Broken a project the night before its due

93. Done a whole project the night before its due

94. Buried or unburied something in parcel B

95. Presented an Olin project/research at a conference off campus

96. Texted a professor

97. Drank with a professor

98. Spent more than $500 on a p-card for a single item

99. Wore a blue morph suit with a vinyl-cut “O” on the front and called yourself “Olin Man”

100. Contributed to Frankly Speaking

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