the one who moves

You are the one who moves
Who can’t sit still
There are too many tools to grab
Too many races to run
Too many sources of brilliance in this world
And you want to know them all
You want to feel the burn of your soul as it struggles to find new meaning
Its sinews stretching
Skin sweating
It will ache tomorrow
But grow back stronger

You always move because to sit still
Is to be dormant, to be stagnant
Slowly collecting rest and rot when
You deserve a riot
Pulsing through your veins
Like the crowded streets of a carnival parade
You know to be stagnant is to die
Years before they bury you
And your body, instead of being emblazoned with
The marks of your journey
The callouses, the scars, the missing bits,
Your body starts to reflect the bloat of your stagnant self

So go on, don’t sit still
Waiting in idle occupation has gotten too many people nowhere
But you’re headed to nowhere and back
And everywhere in between
Because you are the one who moves.

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