Franzly Speaking, Issue 1

This is a brand new publication in which we discuss real issues, with one real person, to get you real answers.

FRANZLY SPEAKING: What are your plans for the future?


FS: Blue LEDs?

F.S.: Yeah, blue LEDs. I’m serious. If you want to make anything look futuristic spacey, all you have to do is add blue LEDs onto it. Blue LEDs are the future.

FS: Huh, okay. What would you say is your greatest weakness?

F.S.: Hmm, I might have to think about that one… At the moment, being unable to deal well with changes to the plan that I had.

FS: Cryptic. What are your opinions on Mafia?

F.S.: I think it’s interesting, but I don’t play it. I enjoy watching it, it’s amusing. But I don’t play it.

Tune in next issue, where we tackle even more of the important issues!

Be a Partner Somewhere Else

Last month Shane and I attended President Miller’s dessert social, where we talked about Olin’s relationships with other engineering schools. He explained that more and more schools are coming to Olin asking for help. Some want to innovate how they teach, while others are new schools that hope to build upon the Olin model. The problem is, our teachers are stretched ridiculously thin as it is.So we thought: can students take this on?

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